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ANSI A135.7 - Engineered Wood Trim 2020
ANSI A135.7 (R2020) covers requirements and methods of testing for the properties of Engineered Wood Trim intended to be used as architectural trim. While primarily for exterior applications, these products can also be used indoors. Trim is the woodwork in the finish of a building especially around openings and at corners that is intended to be decorative and/or provide protection for joints covered by the product. Typical exterior trim includes corner boards, fascia, brick mold and window trim. Because Engineered Wood Trim is not intended to be used as a structural material, it has no structural load-bearing performance requirements. Key topics covered by ANSI A135.7 (R2020) Engineered Wood Trim ANSI: product definitions dimensional, physical and mechanical properties of trim grades inspection and test procedures. NOTE: This standard may be revised or withdrawn at any time.



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